My name is Andrew Martschenko. I started BrandScenario after two decades of brand and marketing consulting around the world. The world continues to change at breakneck speed but fundamentals are more important than ever. 

I’m a native New Yorker - born in Brooklyn and spent the majority of my school age in the Bronx. But I have lived outside of the New York metro area in cities such as London, Singapore, Buenos Aires and Boston. Regardless of the geography, i learned from my experiences that people are more similar than dissimilar and that new technology always creates commercial opportunities.

I’m also a strong believer in building collaborative teams and long-term relationships. Blending art and science, I am responsible for helping organizations become better understood and experienced – through their brands. 

Everything starts with a clear understanding of clients, their business and marketplace conditions. My strategic solutions consistently have a visible impact and add value to a client’s business. From casinos to digital ecosystems, banks to multi-industrials, aerospace to golf, energy to combines, I have applied my expertise and insights across multiple sectors and geographies.


I adjust my skillsets to match a clients most urgent and current needs. No agendas and no egos - just an intense focus on getting the job done.


Get my hands dirty and do the actual work


Manage the process and fill the skills gaps


Act as the client facing engagement director


Coach and develop junior team members




I engaged Interbrand for a brand strategy engagement at Johnson Controls, Power Solutions and Andrew Martschenko was the Brand Strategy leader for the project - which turned into a multi-year engagement due to Andrew's strong strategic capabilities and  partnership across the global business.  

During the more than 4 years in which we worked with Andrew, we successfully created a brand architecture and definition model for the business and individual product brands.  Throughout the process, Andrew thoughtfully challenged our conventional thinking to achieve a better strategic and business outcome. We also initiated and sustained a brand measurement system, which informed our marketing and product strategies.  

Andrew also helped to design and facilitate an operating system to drive data and insight-driven performance and accountability.


I had the great pleasure of engaging with Andrew at two separate companies while he was at Interbrand. His work with me at Qualcomm made it a no-brainer to seek him out again when I was with GlobalFoundries. 

Andrew is well-versed in brand and all aspects of marketing. He is zero fluff and all substance - rare with marketing consultants. I had no hesitation in having him brief the executive staff, and he is comfortable and highly effective in that setting. 

He speaks with a confidence that projects his deep knowledge - not arrogance. He is highly efficient and persuasive. Andrew is someone I'd work with or hire in a heartbeat.


I worked under Andrew on a global brand positioning project. Andrew was the project’s strategic lead and I witnessed and learned from his:

  • Hands-on approach in crafting quality deliverable after deliverable
  • Effective management of cross-cultural, multidisciplinary teams
  • Desire to always move the brand towards the business goal, with velocity

We have never met, but I know Andrew will add immense value to your team as a consummate brand practitioner and global leader.